About me

Hello there, I’m Ronny.
Yogist, traveler, nature-lover and product designer.


My story starts from childhood. I’ve always loved drawing, I’ve always loved art, and I started to really develop this topic in high school, when I started studying art and design, and at the same time I started my first business as a photographer.

I started my design studies at the I served as officer in the army. I studied at “Tiltan” College in Haifa, and in the second year of my studies I was discharged from the army and started my first job – a graphic designer at a Curly Black design studio.

After a year of working in a studio, I tried to become a freelancer for several months, and I realized that I still needed a little more experience before going independent, so I started working for a high-tech company – Lucy Platforms.

I worked there year and a half, gained experience, and today I am back to being a freelancer, with much more tools, much more experience, and much more hunger to success.


Work experience

Sep 2019 - Nov 2020

Product design at Curly Black Studio

Nov 2020 - July 2021

Freelancer product designer

Aug 2021 - Jan 2023

Product designer at Lucy Platforms

Jan 2023 - Today

Freelancer product designer


My tools


Looking for a designer to help you design and plan your next product?

Or are you looking for a new designer to join your team?

I would be happy to hear about it! Reach out, and let’s talk 🙂