Granot is a company that offers comprehensive services to logistics firms across diverse industries. In this project, I was tasked with assisting them in strategizing and designing an innovative application catered to the needs of field foremen. This application aims to streamline task management, worker coordination, and material tracking processes.


The project involved collaborating with a project manager from a project-company I worked for. The project manager helped me in the research phase and assisting with presenting the data to the client. However, I took full ownership of the final design execution, working independently to bring the design vision to life.







The work consisted of several stages:


Market Research and Competitor Analysis

In the initial phase, we conducted extensive market research and analyzed competitors to gain valuable insights and a competitive edge.


Wireframe Development and Customer Feedback Iterations

I crafted wireframes, gathered customer feedback, and iterated on designs to create an optimized and user-centric solution.


Design System Development and Screen Design Initiation

By developing a cohesive design system, I ensured consistent and intuitive screen designs aligned with our vision.


Prototype Development and Client Presentation

I built a functional prototype to showcase core features, incorporating client feedback for refinement and enhancement.


Complete Page Design and Handoff to Development

Meticulously designing all required pages, I collaborated with the development team for a seamless implementation.

Throughout the design process, we paid close attention to every detail and focused on meeting the needs of the customer. At each step, we reviewed our work with the customer and made improvements based on their feedback to achieve the best result.

While incorporating the client’s colors, I used my design expertise to create a visually appealing and user-friendly solution that meets the needs of the target audience.


Final design

The final design encompassed a comprehensive collection of over 80 different screens, covering various flows and representing all possible end states. This inclusive approach ensured that every aspect of the user journey was accounted for. The completed design, accompanied by a detailed design system and prototypes for each stage, was seamlessly handed off to the development team for implementation. This comprehensive package provided clear guidelines and resources to facilitate a smooth transition from design to development.

The system is under development these days. Soon the development will be finished and you will be able to see the system live.


An application for creating shared photo albums for kinder gardens