An application that organizes memories using a timeline-based theme. Albums are arranged by date, and include posts containing texts, images, videos or all three. This application is intended for educational teams, and has been approved by the Israeli Ministry of Education.


This project is actually the first project I took on as a freelancer, and I was responsible for all the design and characterization processes in it from the beginning until today.






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This project actually started from a Facebook post, come on a famous girl wrote “I’m interested in a WhatsApp plugin that scans all the pictures that come from kindergarten and leaves only those in which my child appears”. The post garnered over 10,000 likes and comments, and sparked a lot of discussion on the topic.

This post made our project happen. We started working on it a few months before the post, as an idea of the programmer I worked with, but as soon as the post went live we decided to take the project very seriously, bring in a marketing specialist and start advertising the app.


My work on this project consisted of several stages.


Establishing a Comprehensive Graphic Language

Creating a complete graphic language by developing a logo and defining colors and fonts that represent the entire brand. This cohesive visual identity will provide consistency and brand recognition throughout the application and associated materials.


Design System Implementation and Application Redesign

Building a robust design system to ensure consistency and efficiency in the design process. Redesigning all existing pages in the application to align with the new design system, enhancing the overall visual appeal and user experience.


Optimizing User Experience and Refining Flow

Analyzing the existing flow of the application to identify areas for improvement. Enhancing the general user experience by implementing usability enhancements and refining the flow to create a seamless and intuitive user journey.


Iterative Improvements Based on User Feedback

Addressing user feedback obtained from a user base of over 5,000 active users. Making necessary corrections and implementing enhancements to address user concerns and continuously improve the application’s functionality and usability.


Designing a Website and Graphic Products

Creating an image-rich website to showcase the brand and visually communicate its value proposition. Designing accompanying graphic products such as store images and other marketing materials to enhance brand presence and engage potential users.


Final design

The design encompasses a diverse range of over 40 screens, showcasing a rich and intricate system design with attention to edge cases. To experience the full extent of the design, feel free to download the app and explore its entirety.

You can visit the app’s website (the website was built by me on the Wix platform), or download the app in the app stores – Google Store or Apple Store.



Online platform that modernizes the entire countertop ordering process